SAT/TV systems




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SAT/TV systems

High definition television — HDTV, step in the future together with Ellink OÜ.

Unusually detailed HD-television, the fascinating shots of sports meets bewitching kinds of the nature and record of large historical events never earlier provided such impressions. The television image of a high definition is a new level in TV viewing. Take pleasure in entertainment unusually in details. The television picture of a high definition in 5 times is more accurate than the usual. The picture more detailed, is more volume and is more qualitative. In the same way, as the photo made by the decent digital chamber is better than a photo removed by a mobile phone. Технофрики will tell that «density of pixels» at a HD-picture above. Actually it means that at viewing of a football match you can consider each blade, and the insurgent each falling sleeve. High definition television, i.e. HDTV (English High Definition Television) is the technology of television translation providing five times more accurate quality of the image, than that television image which is broadcast in a usual format (for example, PAL, SECAM). If the permission at a usual television picture makes 720x576 pixels for HDTV it makes 1920x1080 pixels. The television image with the big permission consists from большего quantities of the light points located densely nearby with each other which as a result create more accurate image on the screen. As a result of it the television image for the spectator becomes much more distinct present and it is much more convenient to eyes to watch it.