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What is that?

IPTV or Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol Television, IP-TV, IP-TV) - technology of digital television networks, data transmission protocol IP, a new generation of TV with the ability to watch TV on your computer screen and your TV without the antenna.

Package Description:
More than 250 Russian and international channels, 14 days Archive, 3D and HD TV, a video library.

What is the speed of the Internet should be supervised for high-quality viewing IPTV?
To view the majority of the channels should be supervised in the rate of 2 to 5 Mbit / s.
For HD-channels - from 4 to 8 Mbit / s.
Measure the speed of your Internet connection here.
NB !! For IPTV You need a permanent and stable Internet.


How can I renew a subscription?
We will send invoice for you.
Make an extension for a period of 1 month, 6 months or 1 year, be sure to specify your login to view. After receipt of payment, the operator will extend your subscription.

Is there a video library?
Videos available from 08.12.2014, the number of films regularly updated, at the moment there are more than 3000.

Subscription 1 month - 17EUR / month
Subscription 6 months - 90EUR / 15EUR / month
Subscription 1 year - 168EUR / 13EUR / month
Lbox HD WiFi-top box to view IPTV - 60EUR
Technician visit - 30EUR / hour



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