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What is that?

IPTV or Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol Television, IP-TV, IP-TV) - technology of digital television networks, data transmission protocol IP, a new generation of TV with the ability to watch TV on your computer screen and your TV without the antenna.

Package Description:
More than 250 Russian and international channels, 14 days Archive, 3D and HD TV, a video library.

What is the speed of the Internet should be supervised for high-quality viewing IPTV?
To view the majority of the channels should be supervised in the rate of 2 to 5 Mbit / s.
For HD-channels - from 4 to 8 Mbit / s.
Measure the speed of your Internet connection here.
NB !! For IPTV You need a permanent and stable Internet.


How can I renew a subscription?
We will send invoice for you.
Make an extension for a period of 1 month, 6 months or 1 year, be sure to specify your login to view. After receipt of payment, the operator will extend your subscription.

Is there a video library?
Videos available from 08.12.2014, the number of films regularly updated, at the moment there are more than 3000.

NB!! Dear Rights Holders, ELLINK OÜ does not store, transmit or retransmit its own Content.
ELLINK OÜ is not responsible for the places of origin, the legality and quality of TV channels and radio stations. We provide technical solutions for access on a single platform to TV channels and radio stations, as well as technical solutions for converting this stream of broadcasting using players and TV set-top boxes to TV. Our technical solutions are our intellectual property. Customer pays exclusively for technical solutions!

Subscription 1 month - 17EUR / month
Subscription 6 months - 90EUR / 15EUR / month
Subscription 1 year - 168EUR / 13EUR / month
Lbox HD WiFi-top box to view IPTV - 70EUR
Technician visit - 30EUR / hour



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