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This round-the-clock recording of what is happening on the site enhances its security, keeps abreast of all events of its owner or tenant, helps to sort out disputes or thefts and punish those responsible for them.

The main tasks of video surveillance:
- reducing the number of thefts
- increase the security of the facility
- increase of discipline of workers, their productivity
- monitoring of the work process
- serves as an evidence base in the investigation of incidents or insurance cases, provides grounds for detaining suspects and recovering from them responsibility and damage.

Another advantage of video surveillance is that you can watch your object from anywhere in the world via the Internet using a computer or mobile phone.

The most important thing is that the video is stored on the hard disk for later viewing and analysis. (on average, the archive is from 1 month to 6 months, then it is overwritten)

Installing video surveillance - investing in the future, where you sleep peacefully.

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IP-video is a completely digital video system where, from digital cameras, the image signal via the Internet is transferred to a digital network computer recording device. IP video has several advantages over analog video. The video signal can be transmitted over the Internet and recorded on servers or called Cloud data arrays. To record a video, server software can be used Linux, Windows or Mac OS.

You can monitor the image through the Internet wherever there is access to a computer network. A computer or a smart device is sufficiently connected to the network.